Andrea Della Gondola, the humble stonemason, was originally from Padua. He became Andrea Palladio, the famous architect, thanks to his mentor Gian Giorgio Trissino, originally from Vicenza, and spent here most of his professional life.
It is in Vicenza, therefore, the city and the surrounding territory, that most of Andrea Palladio’s extraordinary works are concentrated.


Half Day in the center: with a pleasant walk of a couple of hours in the historic center of Vicenza you can admire all the main masterpieces of Andrea Palladio, accompanied by a tour guide who will illustrate their history, characteristics, secrets and curiosities. Included in the itinerary are: Palazzo Da Porto, the Palladian Basilica, Palazzo del Capitanio, the Olympic Theatre, Palazzo Chiericati.

Half Day in the Outskirts: the itinerary can also become the complete tour of the center for a full day tour. The itinerary includes: Villa Capra (la Rotonda), Villa Valmarana ai Nani (which, although not by Palladio, represents the completion of the artistic path he started), the Church of Monte Berico.

Lonigo: located in the south-western part of the province of Vicenza, this locality has some of the most extraordinary villas of Palladio and the cultural period to which he belonged and that contributed in creating: Villa Pisani, Villa Trissino, Villa Cricoli, Rocca Pisana, Villa Francanzan Piovene, whose visit can be structured as a half-day or full-day itinerary.